About Presto

Market-Focused Solutions
Presto Products Company is organized into four dedicated business units, each unit focusing on the specialized needs of its own unique markets and customers.

Business units
Consumer Business Unit: Presto is one of the nation's best-known and most widely respected manufacturers of private label products. We are the private label industry's leading supplier of plastic bags, wrap, containers and related consumer products.

FRESH-LOCK Zipper business unit: Presto is a leader in reclosable zipper technology for the flexible packaging industry. Our FRESH-LOCK®brand zippers add convenience to a wide range of branded and private label packages, including snacks, pet food, potting soil and more.

Geosystems® business unit: One of Presto’s most unique businesses, Geosystems’ quality brand products offer innovative and “green” solutions to challenging soil stabilization problems, site access and stormwater management needs.  The Geoweb® brand is a recognized worldwide leader, solving soil problems in applications ranging from light-duty trails to industrial slopes & channels and mining haul roads.

Specialty Films: