Presto offers problem-solving solutions to your most
difficult packaging problems.

All of our stretch film products are made by cast extrusion process, giving you the highest quality available. Many of our formulas are custom tailored to match the application; ensuring you consistent performance and the perfect package with the most protection with each load wrapped.

We manufacture high performance stretch films and offer them with additives such as UVI, UVA, VCI, and colors. We do custom widths and thicknesses.

Our large diameter roll capability- up to 30” – eliminates costly changeovers and downtime. Our cast process roll wrap is proven in eliminating damage to product and increasing throughput.

From pallets of empty PET bottles to giant rolls of fluff pulp, and everything in between, we have the right film for your application.

STRETCH-GARD® Roll Wrap Machine Film for Ultimate Protection. Available in custom tailored formulas & tints

C/NC GARD® Machine Film for True Cling/No Cling Performance, also available with UVI, UVA, VCI and colors. In standard, reduced and high cling formulas

POINTGARD® Machine Film for Enhanced Puncture Resistance, also available with UVI, UVA, VCI and colors

POWERGARD® Machine Film for Versatility and Economy