C/NC Gard® Machine Film

The Cling Film That Works Two Ways

Our C/NC Gard® Machine Stretch Film is a true one-side-cling film. The Inner cling side provides the most secure wrap for your product.

  • Outer no-cling side guards contents with exceptionally high scuff and abrasion resistance without clinging to other loads
  • Uses high-performance metallocene resins to achieve greater load-holding force and enhanced puncture resistance stretch film
  • Designed to enable significant source reduction without jeopardizing load stability
  • Reliable performance even on difficult, irregular profile loads
  • Unparalleled machine stretch film performance means fewer film breaks and less downtime
  • Specifically designed for high-speed powered pre-stretch equipment, stretching to 300% on load
  • Aggressive cling to avoid film tailing
  • Crystal clear for bar code scanning

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