STRETCH-GARD® Roll Wrap Machine Film

The Ultimate Wrapping Protection for Roll Goods

One of the roll wrap industry’s most trusted names in machine stretch films, our Stretch-Gard® film offers outstanding stretch and superior durability at a lower total cost!

  • Wraps and protects fluff pulp, cellulose, paper, nonwovens, textiles, carpet and other roll goods
  • Stretches to 300% for maximum load holding and yield
  • Reduces roll changeovers, improves line efficiency with jumbo 30-inch O.D. roll wrap machine film
  • Offers superior durability and puncture resistance. Superior axial/ radial performance
  • Lowers cost per load through use of less film at a lower gauge
  • Minimizes neck-down (narrowing) for faster wrapping, maximum film coverage.
  • Provides excellent clarity for better product view, improved bar code scanning
  • Minimizes in-plant noise with ultra-quiet unwind

Available in custom tailored formulas and tints.

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C/NC Gard®